Quite difficulty Janet wake of that morning. Passable only and Saturday - both have no elementary school. He did not nagpahalata exhausted her siblings because they made last night. Nor do I nagpahalata I know what they did. Gone to people at home when we came down for breakfast. Nine o'clock passing kasi. Went to the shop my father. The brother also we went to their universities. Pandesal, hot dog and cheese breakfast we scheduled that day. Seems to match I saw last night. While the hot dog in my ipinapalaman pandesal, I glanced Janet smiled. He noticed that. "Why are you smiling?" He asked. "Wa-I only. There I remembered." To me nasamid. "Hey that seems rude ah?" Janet turn to smile. "Ha!" I almost bit my mailuwa the bread. "I said to her raunchy enthusiasm you remember? What is it." Again he asked. "What, because?" Naghagilap I say. "About that sex is?" "Why I said that?" "Because bread and hot dog as though he held with the thinking of you. Then you napapangiti little more." "What about the relevance of this sex?" "Do not say you do not know." "The what?" "The bread is pussy, cock and the hot dog was. Increase more catsup and cheese - blood and semen." "Haaa!" I surprised my cousin explained. "I exceeds catsup on hot dogs and bread. I mean big penis and small and still virgin pussy so I bled." Continuity Janet. "What Are You Out came yang, Insan?" "Hmmm. Okay, later after we have breakfast. I'll show you." Gave me the enigma of my cousin. What would he show me. Ideally I just - I saw all night yata. Back in my brain the picture of the brothers made their night. I could imagine in their mind pagkakantutan - I enter the penis and out of the pussy Brother Jeffrey Janet. The clue to happiness Janet's face. Many indeed know the girl cousin about lust. Apparently I Did I also discover he knew. "You still Virgin?" Nalingat me the question Janet. "What are you?" I jump. "What are you, like the distance you thinking? I ask, you still virgin?" "Sure!" "Oh, is that true?" "Virgin on really. That I kid, what. I have not 13 and do not have a boyfriend, so I'm still virgin." Ideally, I know he no longer virgin kasi they nagkakantutan older brothers. "Well why am I, that I am younger than you e." Opposition Janet. "Why? You are not virgin?" Supposed to return to him the question. "If I say no!" May pilyang ngiting with his answer. "Ha! What? Who? When? Why?" Again, hypocrisy questions. "Hi hi hi! The volume also question you." He laughed and then he hinigop remaining coffee in the cup. "Come to the room where I answer your questions." We kinainan cleaned. We hurry back to the second floor. There seems not imagine my excitement to happen next. Janet ahead of me to go back to the room just because we have taken U room brother he said. A few moments later and carried to her magazines and VCDs. Concentrated x-rated them. I have also seen the magazine bold in the house of my classmates, but other classes it - serious! Increasingly more serious is the flesh of VCDs. Seems to be repeated before seen doing Janet and her brother last night. And maybe ten times more serious than that! "Another kind of X-rated it. The amateur lolita sex magazines and sex videos that shipments of friends brother in Florida. I have merely commercially available so even the magazine stands in Angeles or sell pirated x- rated VCD in Quiapo. " Explaining Janet. The title of the first VCD is "Orphanage of Pleasure." In the beginning the show with some girl in uniform of-school. One by one they danced as boisterous as I gently plucked off their uniforms. Most are virtually no overhang on the breast and they have no pubic hair. Adhere to the actual show. The scene began with two years nakaabito dark maroon color is nagpapaligo six girls. Stark naked and the girls in a realistic marble bathtub. U priest told me that Janet. And the woman is younger than raw us, nine, ten and eleven years of age only. U was in a foster home in a private place in America. Evident in the video while the two priests bath your kids, been there they squeeze the nipple, there a pingerin the vulva and anus hole them. Yun turn children, okay with them, that they will bless still playing, and laughing more. Mapaliguan Then, they went all in a room. There waiting another three priests there. I get two maiden rulers both blonde hair. Yun Daw the Bishop, says Janet. Nagtig single girls turn four priests. The next scene was downright serious. May priests kumakantot oral, have pussy, have a bottom. If you check often, as the Nung liliit dun girls compared with purely priest with long beard, yata matitipuno and taller than the six-footer. With close-ups still makes pagkantot Nung priests. I almost did not enter the uten them. Basically turn almost tight gripped the cock Nung priests in small mouth and bottom-hole Nung children. But even nabubulunan and nagkakanda-ire, okay well those children. No crying or complaining. Naghahagikhikan they already like drugs. According to Janet, the pedophile priests and lolitas U yun naman dun call the girls. Although prohibited by the authorities, U trends in America and western countries are the same. Janet saw as clumsy I Watched at stake so he changed VCD. The title of the second VCD is "Daddy Knows Best." Scene also in a home start. Four characters were there, an old man, a 30-year-old woman and two young women, perhaps not far off the ages to us Janet. U I marry the first two, and children I two. Eleven and 13 years old U yung girls, says Janet. A dialog that I English movies. "I want you two to be good girls. Be obedient to your daddy, Okay: You do whatever your daddy tells you to, okay?" Nung their mother's instructions. "Okay!" Nung response simultaneously two young women. Janet Pina-fastforward until I show that I kinakantot Nung two young women like their fathers. "Oh, Daddy it's too big!" Nung younger child cry as he enters the daddy dick narrow its smoothness and smoothness of her pussy. After the man entered the sum of burat him, he either sinalo pingi the bottom of the child, she took it and stood up. Turn coil legs hip Nung children and embraced her daddy's neck. And while its cargo as he continues to sleep iniheheleng tumutuhog big cock its little children udder Nung
Held both hands still the butt I Nung father children sit on the sofa and continued pagkantot him. Has also issued enter the penis mature with young womanhood of his son. Continued the same scandal scene where two young women I the daddy of them, and participate on a teenager to grow their brother yata. On other scenes ipinakipagpalitan Nung old man a child I said to their neighbors. I also said child sex scandal neighbor children as she kinakantot I liked this son. "I serious ones." I told Janet. "Said Brother, U may be true that because amateur sex videos - they themselves took the video." Janet explained. "You mean I really nagyayarian fathers and sons?" I doubt. "Yes. Nakalilibog not you?" He answered. "Why, nalilibugan you do?" Yes. Whenever we watch that nalilibugan me. Kasi yung nearly as I age women there in the video. "" What you said - we? Who 'we'? "Janet smiled." I'll tell you our secrets, but ha! "He said almost whispering to me." What does that. "Existed to turn pagkukuwari I know nothing." Packing, our secret ha! "" Yes. Go ahead. "" I no longer virgin, and you know who the first nakakantot me "" Who? "" My brother, he turned to me virgin. Over three months ago. Nung long-yun 12 birthday happened. "Janet's faithfulness." Hi hi hi! "I'm not able to stop myself." Or why are you laughing? "" Because I know you brother kinakantot you. "" Ha ! How do you know? "" I saw you last night. Here or, in this hole. "I took the calendar covered the hole of the wall." What? "Quite startled." Kasi I woke to pee and I saw you do not have to lie. Then I heard you moan sarap sarap to you. So I do want nabisto brothers. "" Ngiiii! I have no shovel secret. You dodge, you do ba't said immediately. "" Do not worry, still secret yun. "" Promise ha? Kasi we disconnected with the Uncle he knew that saving sex us by Brother. "" Yes, I promise! "I promised Janet." But okay kinakantot do you get your brother? "Curious I asked my cousin. "Okay lang. Trend now yun. "She replied." The which? The brothers nagkakantutan. "" Yes, brothers, fathers and sons as we watched Nung. "" Do not call dun incest? Taboo yun? "Continued my curiosity." Forbidden love just knew that there makakaintindi. And maybe when you do. Well, if mandatory, rape of yun. Me, I'm not forced e. "I explained Janet." But her sister. "" Even you might find that brother to teach me to sex than who I Mokong exploit. "" Is that that? " "The elder brother, he loves me, so she kept me." "Yun nga e, brother to him. Does not that still exploitation? Kuya him, then you kinakantot him? Especially, very more? Not yet that nireregla e. "" It's not exploited me e. I said that, I also want yun. I'm happy we do. "Clearly the pagkakalahad Janet. Although only 12 years old he clear in his mind is her brother they gingawa. I kept back because he traces the outlook really is fun to face him. If happy thou turn doing, why deemed bad and illegal? "But really that good." I've perfected my curiosity. "The ones - the makantot? Janet directly. "Yes. Kasi Audio Audio that I always tell you brother Nung kinakantot that good." "Really delicious! But painful at first." "What pain?" "Of course the virgin yet, I first kantot pain. And I second, still hurts. But following an pasarap pasarap." Janet explained. "That's really it." I just kept curious. Bilib actually cousins ​​told me I was too young to know the amount of sex. "Yes, so you should keep your partner the first time. The brother out to guard me at first told me scandal. Well kept me that I am not much hurt" Continuing his explanation I learned many Janet. Maitatatuwang not more knowledge (and experience) to me. Continued our conversation. "You do not nagparamdam the brother that he wanted to score with you?" I do not inaasaan Janet's question. "No ah." I quickly answer. "The size of the penis maybe kasi nun her six-footer." "Hay naku yun inatupag nothing but his buddies varsity basketball team and those they love." I looked at Janet and I saw again the smile pilyang said. "Want to taste?" "Ha!" I was shocked. "Do you want to sample kantot to know what you feel?" "Well who kakantot me turn my boyfriend e do?" "The Brother Jeffrey. Can I tell him that kantutin you." "Ha! Okay you just?" "Of course, okay to me. Coz you for we also do not e. Then maybe we ibubuking the secret." Strange feeling revolve around the body to the said Janet. Played again in my mind pagkakantutan Janet and her brother - the emission's Brother just walk cock in pussy Janet Jeffrey. Janet observed swallowing my saliva. "Nalilibugan You what?" "No ah." "Oh, pretended it yet." "Hay correct yan." But do not stop Janet. Know what the other lust Out came a cousin. He continued by urging me to explore the mysteries of kantot. "When the cock tasted by Brother Jeffrey who kumakantot you. Hay naku for You idinuduyan the ninth cloud. But of course you have to endure the pain first." "She said you know what. E Jeffrey allow you Kuya?" "That still, e lust nun. Just could not care less." "Maybe that was not angry at you nabuking my secret." "No. I sabi'ng care. Or what, I tell him eh?" "Let you. Just angry he ha!" Janet said to her brother have discussed. Of course, then he convinced me that seemingly innocent taste kantot. We waited for the right time. I increased the fur when I think happens when the chance. Naghahalo nervousness and disquiet me. One day my father invited him to the City of kumpare. Daw had work these buses. Besides using pangmekaniko, who also said to bring him extra clothes because magpipiyesta U dun. Two weeks Daw there father. He included with Brother Reggie to help him but precede it back because he can only be to miss up to five days. May U basketball games he exam next week. Palang dawn we were awakened by my father. U ended at their bus trips. He gave the instructions and you should do while in Manila them with Kuya Reggie. "Hey Jeffrey, you first take care here at home ha! You grow so you do it dost Laila and Janet." Daddy's talking to my cousin Kuya Jeffrey. "Yes, Uncle Edong. Do not worry, ho. After going to school, I always turn it straight." Securing also of Brother Jeffrey. "O you two, do not give the problem Brother Jeffrey Niyo. Next to him ha!" Will's Dad at our magpinsan. "Yes!" We once replied Janet. We looked. We both remembered yata - I watched TV that we have Janet which I gave directions leaving mother of two teenage sons he later daddy always in command of them. The next scene they are both Nung iniyot their daddy. Ideally, I happen to us as Janet yata yun. And Brother Jeffrey iiyot us. Oh please, that yata makakatikim that I kantot "Many food in the refrigerator and also much canned the kitchen cabinet. Intelligent I have to cook. Leaving I'm also a little more value than Laila if needed. Call me on the cellphone if there is a problem." Continuation of the rule of father to us. Dad gone smoothly, and we entered turn three we have in schools. Within the class, not lose my mind happens later at home. Later so I makakatikim of kantot? So much pain the first scandal? How wonderful it is also capable of next? Almost simultaneously we have Janet to come home. Both have the shovel out to eat. None exist as burial for my father who travel. We are both so full nagkuwentuhan just us. "Or are you ready later?" Janet threshold. "Where?" Kunwa'y I know. "In the first yawn of debris on the bottom!" "Gaga you really?" "Could be later. Kuya's Wedding just three here at home. No molestation." "I really willing you brother?" "Yes. Naibulong who told me earlier that was eager and excited to eat the pussy you." "Yata Nininerbiyos me." "Maybe you're just too excited!" "Quite simply." Night came and went. After eating and bathing, we again watched the first X-rated film for Daw appetizing. Ideal isinalang Janet VCD whose title is "How to Fuck Young Girls." Showed how roromansahin there and take a aalabin the girls for they agreed magpakantot. Two of the episode is first-timer I woman. After this, I could give magsasalang Kuya Jeffrey again another disk but that his brother stood. "Tama yan. Start of us, Brother, I nalilibugan e." Invite Janet. "Alright. But there we better dresser bathroom." Brother Jeffrey said. "Why?" Asked Janet. "Because it was virgin before ye Laila. To be washed immediately after her vulva." Answer first. "Ha! Washed?" I also cried. "By the way. At first kasi yang pussy magdudugo you, Brother splitting of you." Janet explained. "And for me magamitan soap." Joint by Brother Jeffrey. "Soap!" Continue the questions. "Because that virgin yet, so very still lacking his kepyas you. You need a lubricant." The volume really know this cousin. "If you strip off the clothes here. I just wait for you there." Jeffrey went to Kuya. When we walked into the bathroom, we caught up with Kuya Jeffrey that I laid a bed mattress on the floor of her dresser, her pink as well. I Nasulyapan his dangling penis. Brothers taught me how tsumupa. I have moved the burat Brother of the mouth we Jeffrey Janet. As tough and we-we, she told me that I lie on the mattress. She's Janet Pinadilaan my pussy. "Lick you just like I do with you before we kantutin. Yung fingers, do not enter too. I, I burat makadonselya him." Brother's command to his brother Jeffrey. Janet and lie inumpisahang fresh lick my pussy. I go behind him Kuya Jeffrey. First game he played, the bust and piningger Janet's pussy. Somewhat He opened the legs of the brother and he fell in between. He put his saliva toggle and stash it cuts Janet. Jan first iiyutin me. Whom you love and basam wet ones then we dodonselyahin. "Smiling Brother Jeffrey said. Been introduced by Brother Jeffrey pagkantot to his brother. Janet I groan as he continues to have played the basal me puke. Seems a strange tickle I feel every time I sasalingin of tongue and finger her. Soon to creep into the fabric of my whole body unexplained sensation - it is called raw lust. Delicious therefore, I told myself. patiently proceeded Janet if he called his brother "pagbrotsa" in my pussy. "Ohhh! I felt for my naihi that do not. A leak juice out of my pussy. "Brother, whom he!" Exclaimed Janet. "Go ahead. I lie down and turn you are rested with me." Iminuwestra by Brother Jeffrey. Brother Jeffrey sat me on the mouth. Janet turn backward to sit in standing uten of his older brothers. While the tongue sinusungkal Brother Jeffrey Jewel, my brother was happy I fled to the seesaw below. We both simultaneously pinaliligaya by Brother Jeffrey. I binobrotsa he and his brother who umiindayog over the tough and standing monument of his manhood. Passed the moment. I feel like being slow down the clock. And my heartbeat become fast become fast as that seems to have chased and pinananabikang reach peak again. Janet was so. Naghahalo are we moan. Continuing to constantly sway my cousin. Pagkuwa'y napasandal suddenly behind me. "Ohhh! The really nitooooo sarap!" Whom to Janet. "Ohhh! Poooo Oh!" I also followed nilabasang again in endless pagbrotsa Brother of Janet Jeffrey.Sabay us to get off the pagkakapatong's Brother Jefrey. We stand three. He put a pillow below the mattress and told me to lie and I put it in there under my butt. Brother Jeffrey walked by the bathroom. He took a dish tub, read it in his palm and uten nakatingalang ipinunas to him. Fold generous hinagod, massaged him. Next, I ipinakagat her towel with me for I U I feel much pain. Still, he put up the whole care uten wet although he is my other band femininity. Janet helped him. The latter opened the lips of my pussy. Enter the portion of the penis head by Brother Jeffrey Napaigik me. Holding the body of his penis, forced by Brother Jeffrey inserted the whole of it. Until it seems blocked. Bumuwelo He then suddenly kumadyot. I felt like a torn section at the bottom of my lower abdomen. "I poooo Ouch!" I cried in pain. "I suffer so little. Relax." The comfort of Brother Jeffrey. "The pain e!" "Relax. Unfold your ample thighs you." "The pain really!" "Sting like this Towels. Trust me." I looked below me. More than half of the penis by Brother Jeffrey inserted in me. Follow me he said. I bit my towel and I opened the advantage of my thigh. Janet also came to me. He licked the nipple and played me. Again turn ipinagpilitang shuffle of his brother's hard uten it. Again I felt the pain, but at the same time apparently even kalamkam the whole body. Brother Jeffrey Naibaon that's almost the full length of his policeman's club. Slowly he drew it and re-buried. May smart charcoal sting my muscles. Janet also continued playing with my breasts. They opened partners like brothers to me the mysteries of kantot. Naghahalo the smart and lust that I feel. Kuya Jeffrey I watched as it kumakantot me perspire. Nagtama our eyes. "Hahhh! The lacking, lacking the vulva, you Insan." He exclaimed. "Ahhhh!" Naibuka my mouth and removed the towel I bite. "Go on Brother, you have Kantutin him." Janet also motivate. Continued to gently enter the emission's Brother Jeffrey uten my tight tunnel. Slowly made his claim on my when-virgin. Seems to be measured, evaluated along the uten her depth and lacking my jewel. Continuing with Brother Jeffrey pagkantot quietly to me. Intensity, overcoming the lust I feel. Subside slightly smart. I feel again is naiihi me. "Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" The again I paghalinghing giving flattering to the penis by Brother Jeffrey. "He he he! Whom you again, Insan" War seems to have succeeded in Kuya Jeffrey, he continued quietly pagkadyot. "Basically, Kuya, whom to Laila." Janet pressed her to his brother we pinagsusugpungan. Bright that the flow to extract the opening of my pussy and stretching of the penis by Brother Jeffrey. Quite to the narrow tunnel slide and lighten the checkout enter the tough uten him. "Haahhh: I can not stop. The kasi you lacking. Shall come to me." Pulled by Brother Jeffrey uten him, liberal squirt semen from there, reached up to the neck and chest. May turn blood flow in my pussy. Immediately I idinampi by Brother Jeffrey towel to stop the leak it. Carefully he raised me. "Help me. There we bathroom. You dip the hot water in the shower." He commands Janet. I was bleeding just a little of my delicacy. Also be abated briefly washed with hot water and soap. Although there is little pain in the pussy, so I turn it to bear. "O hurts still?" Brother Jeffrey asked. "Not much!" My response. "Ha ha ha! Tasted you!" I laugh Janet. I tasted that kantot - first kantot. Ganun shovel the first time. Now, as I longed for the second, third and more kantot available to me. Passed the day after my father arrived from the Philippines. We got busy with Janet because of projects and the upcoming final exam in school. Likewise, we are brother. We had no timing or opportunity makasiping Janet again we are brother. Kumbaga kepyas nadiyeta that we and only we nagkakasya "playing" Â? self when makakaramdam libido. Nangingilag but love is still my father. But still removable fantasy Dad I turn on my makakantot. I always prospect comes the chance. Once you have graduate of Brother Reggie me. He nursing and I am elementary. Relatively large banquet also occurred. Bagama "'t's mother returned from England, I beat him with us through the Internet. Cousin Janet and Jeffrey were returned of Romblon for the holidays. At the opening of classes in turn again, they took a different boarding house accommodation. So sometimes if we just meet. The Brother Reggie I also was busy preparing for the nursing board exam. yata Within two months, I once again nakantot of my brother. Tumiyempo just him and secretly we been sexual intercourse in the bathroom on the second floor of our home. I suppose I was bathing in the bathtub, but the truth is with my brother was over and we nagkakantutan. came to the entrance to the school day. Excited again I see my peers And, of course, the favorite and crush my math teacher, Mr.. Hwang. Jubilant I already know when he will also be the first year math teacher in the subject we. The only miss I just yam are kalibugang we pinaggagawa my cousin. So sometimes visiting them in their cramped boarding house. The farewell to my Dad, I magpapaturo computer's Brother Jeffrey. There I nagpapagabi. And of course when I nagpagabi there, certainly I kantot's makakatikim brother Jeffrey. passed on the days, weeks and months. Get to the nursing board exam Brother Reggie me. Too bad he no longer waited for the results. There kasi letter from Mother that pinapapunta him in England. There U good job waiting there and great salary. Before leaving to Sheffield, England, Kuya. Pinasyalan we we were cousins ​​Janet and Jeffrey in their cramped boarding house. There again ginanahan advantage of my pussy. One day at Two overnight us there and repeatedly we shared the incomparable happiness caused by our sex. I almost have made the day and night, but magkantutan. Kumbaga eat, jingle and just rest etat. A despidida royal for my dear brother . When I leave Kuya Reggie towards England. He was unhappy at home not only because of the ABS practice basketball in my pussy, but for only two we only father there. nagwe always going my wet dreams, I entered my father's room and lovingly told me scandal. Too bad I always wake up in the morning I failed in my fantasies. pagpapaligaya settled my self again after watching X-rated TV "It's provided by my cousin. But not enough yun and I have often visited the annoyance My mother is especially poured his attention to the car repair shop to fully satisfy her loneliness. Also I naglumagi home from peers and my classmate "â € œ endured nagpaparaos kiliting libido partly caused by our" game "Â? Of lust. In school, many dumidiskarte me. I do not type the kasi my classmates are they Sonny that Sonny. On a Makulit fond manghipo breast and bottom. He determined Jerwin I come from another section and now my classmates. There are many and quite pissed with Jerwin-muntikan who is this welt the boyfriends of my classmates because of his prank, but still no kadaladala. Sometimes he was Pipay pinaiyak, one close friend. So we planned and my buddies thought-trip was also an Deal misbehave. Four close to gangs, were Wendy, Pipay, Lisa and Dulce. We Pipay five was really just be called delicate. We have all natural flirtation.'s Jerwin We said that we maghuhubad before him and you touching her breasts we, as a condition the pussy "â € œ maghuhubad well and ipahihipo us his penis. Mokong excited. We told him go ahead and meet us, we we in the classroom while nothing else we do and there are discussions. Jerwin appointments came we. I am also my peers came three girls. Now we just Pipay integrated. I first opened my uniform blouse. I showed him my ga-orange breast and I played the reddish crown it. Nagkandaluwa Jerwin's eyes and I did attempt to grasp the baby's milk do. I stopped him and told him he must first remove his pants and brief so we also his penis. Nagdalawang think the U must be crazy and said all four show us first we bust. Sinenyahan on the three agreed with me that he wants to happen. Removes the buttons of the blouse with me. They said they just show they know the baby's milk that's Jerwin loose his pants. Kumag also agreed. I helped him. Fast also the hand of Jerwin. He soon nadakma the bust me. I told him to be careful delicious. I turned out hinayupak obedient. From paglamutak, became pahimas the light touch of her palm on my breast. I also passed one with my pants him. Almost spit the damuhong was Jerwin, especially when Wendy comes slowly and in turn remove the buttons of his shirt. I whispered him that if he accelerated the divestment might taste her gusto. I helped him undress her brief. Spring readily to the crayon seemingly little cock kumag. Bubunghalit do not know if I laugh or do I pipitikin his tiny penis. In my mind, so do the Sonny ayoko your age because I just stick their penis, I'd be ga-policeman's club opened the cargo afford ample nakatikom petal of my flowers. I told him sit down and shut his eyes. I turn prompted I suppose along and watch the door, but according to plan we are individually they leave the room. I knelt before Jerwin and, while I wait for the go-signal of with me, my cock sinalsal said. Closed the Mokong like dreaming. Almost spit the turtledove seems unmatchable sarap feel.

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