Why join the ADULT WEBMASTER EMPIRE as an affiliate?
What you see is what you get! You can also have a blog or site like this without you spending any cents and earn unlimited income like me. All you have to do is promote it through blogs, social networking, free ads, or you can even invite your friends. The good thing is you can be ANONYMOUS if you don't want to expose yourself by using alias.
You might find hard to create customize banners and other stuffs to promote your adult site. Some are boaring and very similar to others that might be neglected by potential members to signup.
Adult Webmaster Empires Affiliate Program provides a wide variety of tools to attract affiliates or customers. These are Custom Campaign Code ID's, Banners, Co-Branded pages, Hosted galleries, Console ads, Full page ads, Half page ads, I-frames, Live feeds, Performer status indicators, Text links, XML feeds, Zipped webcam stills, RSS feeds, Prerecorded shows, Performer Voters, Teaser Videos and Language targeting links.

You can see samples of these within the pages and posts of this blog.
They also provide unique linking codes which will allow you and the AWE to track sales from your site(s).

Benefits and Compensations

Methods of payment : Check ($100 minimum payout), ePassporte and Payoneer ($50 minimum payout) or wire-transfer ($300 minimum payout).
Revenues earned between the 1st and 15th of the month will be paid on the 10th day of the next month.
Revenues earned between the 16th and 31st of the month will be be paid on the 25th day of the following month.
30% commission from your sales
5% additional for every $1500 payout made for every 15 days(1 period)
10% additional for every $3000 payout made for every 15 days(1 period)
Up to 2 tier referral for webmasters and cam models. Earn up to 36% for your direct referral's earning and up to 18% of their referral's earning.

There's a 14 day cookie tracking for your returning referrals and is renewable after 14 days.

Revenue share : 30% of all sales generated
Pay per Signup: $40 for each new members you referred.
Up to 20% lifetime revenue sharing through your Co-branded Live Cam site (COBR)

Click Signup now! and don't let your time be wasted

Leave a comment if you need free assistance setting up your site. or e-mail us @


Reasons to become an adult webcam performer!

(open to any gender)

If you are thinking of becoming a webcam model, I recommend you don't hesitate.I myself is now living my dream life. Read the following reasons why you should sign up and join the many models who are working at their home in only few hours of their chosen schedule.

  • Easiest and fastest ways to make money
  • Earn as much as a company executive.
  • Some guys and girls just love playing around, make money out of it.
  • Work at your own spare time or whenever and wherever you want.
  • Privacy protected. You can filter only those who you want to see you.
  • Your real name will never be exposed to anyone if you wanted to(guaranteed!).
  • Get paid every two weeks through  ePassporte or Payoneer. If you don't have one, they will even provide you for free.
  • You get paid just by chatting  to members.
  • Enough for the angry faces on work. You'll be playful with this work 'coz it's what the customers want.Very easy registration process.
  • You will only need a computer, a fast internet connection, and a webcam.
  • Registration is via invitation only, therefore you will have to have an invite. You can skip that by clicking here(if you're a boy) or here(if you're a girl), or enter "brokenjake" if you'll be ask .

The master center :
If you know others who also wants become a cam model, you can even act as a manager. Sign them up through your account and you'll be managing a webcam studio where they work on a one account.

JOIN NOW and live with no worries about money, plus you can enjoy life!


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